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About Us

Zena Consulting is a community of professional consultants who have extensive experience across education, strategy and technology.


Our innovative company specialises in the provision of consulting services for businesses and educational providers in credentialing, professional development, process improvement and strategic project development spaces.


Our inherent value lies in putting our clients first and aligning the talents of our consultants with our client’s needs to produce a high quality outcomes.


Our Consultants

Zena Consulting offers two consultants with ACS Professional certifications - Asheley Jones and Dr. Charlynn Miller.

Asheley Jones


Dr Asheley Jones MACS, (Senior) CP is a highly autonomous, dynamic senior executive with more than two decades of experience in the technology, education, and professional service sectors. Asheley has a flair for identifying market needs and developing innovative products for organisations. A leader in digital disruption, Asheley harnesses business intelligence solutions for the benefit of her clients.


Asheley is a leader in the emerging areas of skills frameworks and credentialing. Through advanced project management and communication skills, Asheley assists organisations to become more targeted and proficient at core business, resulting in revenue gains.


As a Director with Zena Consulting, her role is to work with organisations to identify innovative products in the technology and education markets to create enhanced market opportunities.

Charlynn Miller


Charlynn Miller, PhD, FACS CP is a strategic leader with over 30 years of experience in industry and education. Charlynn identifies and develops innovative strategic and engagement activities to take organisations to the next level. With advanced skills in business development, project management and stakeholder relationship management, she will enhance your ability to undertake new initiatives and increase the viability of your business.


Charlynn is a researcher and educator. Her passion for technology innovation has seen advances in sustainability as well as enhanced access to learning and teaching materials. Through research and publications, she communicates to an international audience the benefits of ICT and technology use in education.


As a Director with Zena Consulting, her role is to assist organisations to become more innovative, effective and strategic. In July 2015, Charlynn was made a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society in recognition of her sustained contribution to the ICT Industry in Australia.

Ksenija Catic

Ksenija Catic is an adaptable consultant with proven experience delivering strategic workforce development solutions and organisational development projects across corporate and government organisations including ASX Top 10 companies. She holds expertise in consulting, workforce planning and development, organisational development and change management; with specialist knowledge in workforce technology. She is one of only 35 Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Accredited Consultants in Australia.


Ksenija has implemented and managed million dollar projects, enhanced technologies and embedded competency frameworks to capture skills, identify gaps and provide learning and development solutions. As a trusted advisor and advocate, she is adept at building strong credible relationships with stakeholders, leveraging skills in negotiation and influence to advocate for process and organisational change.


With a proven track record in senior leadership roles, Ksenija has been responsible for driving organisational objectives through effective business process improvement, leadership, and development of human resources.

Services Offered

  • Skills Frameworks and Credentialing Services
  • Process Improvement and Productivity Consulting
  • Other Services, including:
    • Strategy and Operational planning
    • Project Management
    • Stakeholder Relationship Management
    • Research Services

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