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Dr Charlynn Miller

Dr Charlynn Miller is a strategic leader with over 30 years of experience in industry and education. Charlynn identifies and develops innovative strategies and engagement activities to take organisations to the next level. With advanced skills in business development, L&D, project management and stakeholder relationship management, she will enhance your ability to undertake new initiatives and increase the viability of your business.

Charlynn is a leader, researcher, and educator. Her passion for technology innovation has seen advances in sustainability and enhanced access to learning and teaching materials. Through research and publications, she communicates to an international audience the benefits of information technology in education.

With university-level roles as Senior Lecturer in Computing, Senior Innovation Analyst and Director, Technology and Innovation, Charlynn is an innovation, ICT and education expert. As part of her work with DeakinCo. (the corporate division of Deakin University), she was instrumental in developing an online learning system known as the Skills Hub and provided expert knowledge towards learning modules, including as a newly released Machine Learning course. Charlynn oversaw the team responsible for creating and maintaining the smooth running of this innovative system that allows DeakinCo. clients to easily access assessment portals and learning materials at their convenience, gaining and enhancing key hard and soft skills essential for today’s workplace.

Charlynn helps businesses identify areas for improvement in their operations and uplift the skills of their staff. As a Director with Zena Consulting, she assists organisations to become more innovative, effective, and strategic.

In July 2015, Charlynn was made a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society in recognition of her sustained contribution to the ICT Industry in Australia.