Zena Consulting

About Us

Our Mission

We are passionate workforce development advisors and educators intent on positively disrupting the ecosystem to ensure skills and capability uplift is front and centre of all forms of lifelong learning.

Since 2013, Zena Consulting has provided innovative solutions designed to improve the performance and productivity of its clients, their staff, and businesses. We are specialists in the provision of consulting services; focused on credentialing, professional development, process improvement and strategic project development, with extensive expertise in education, business strategy and technology.

Zena Consulting was established to provide strategic leadership in the planning and implementation of professional development, workforce planning and talent management services across organisations. Zena Consulting’s mission is to help identify individual employee capabilities to enhance business performance through the development of targeted L&D programs designed to improve requisite work-readiness skills.

Our Logo

The Tree of Life represents lifelong learning and growth. Just as a tree develops deep roots and continuously branches out and upwards as it grows, it is our goal to assist your workforce to evolve, bringing out the best in everyone. As the tree grows stronger, so does the individual as they increase their knowledge and experiences throughout their life. It is this progression of continual learning that inspires Zena Consulting to provide services that uplift and upskill people within your business, regardless of role. We challenge the idea that a degree alone demonstrates capability. Our solutions are practical and strategic, and most of all, designed to lead your business and your people to success.

Zena Consulting is a wholly and proudly female-owned company with a direct understanding of the issues facing women in leadership and traditionally male-oriented professions such as information technology. We use this understanding to assist businesses in progressing opportunities for all staff, regardless of gender.

Our Principal Consultants

Directors Dr Asheley Jones and Dr Charlynn Miller align each client’s needs with best-practice solutions that produce high-quality outcomes.

At Zena Consulting, your business and its inherent requirements are first and foremost in designing a tailored strategy to meet your needs. We understand that every business is different and faces unique challenges; we will work with you to meet your business goals and enhance the skills of your staff.

Our Clients