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Productivity Training and Consulting

With decades of experience in workplace consulting and education, Zena Consulting’s Directors, Asheley and Charlynn apply their knowledge to identify opportunities for improvement in business processes; tailored to your business.

Working in conjunction with you, Zena Consulting will apply a stepwise process to determine areas where productivity can be enhanced and advise how this can occur.

These steps include:

This step is of vital importance. In the initial meeting, it is important that we understand your needs and any ‘pain points’. What are your concerns? Are you looking to improve customer satisfaction, reduce turnaround times for goods or services, and improve employee retention?

Zena Consulting will work through the processes identified at step one to determine where opportunities for improvement exist. Mapping out the steps requires a thorough understanding of stakeholders, workflow and any problems experienced.

What level of improvement would equal success? This could be delivery or processing times, customer satisfaction ratings, or increased sales. Zena consultants assist you in determining what success looks like and how it can be measured. At the end of this process, we understand that it is important for you to see improvement across areas of concern.

To determine the best solution for increasing productivity, Zena Consulting will work with your key stakeholders to identify significant causes of the issue(s). This may involve consultation with other staff involved in the processes.

Once the issues are identified, we will work with you to re-design or refine processes; this may include advice about using innovative software tools.

Zena Consulting will consult on the testing of process changes and assist with any required training. We will naturally continue to advise should further refinement to any process be needed.

Zena’s consultants will work with you to put a system in place to track and measure any changes’ progress using suitable business metrics and systems. Zena Consulting has extensive experience with ICT, so can train your staff to apply appropriate software designed to track progress.

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