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Professional Year Proposal Development

Asheley has extensive experience managing academic content and the delivery and compliance of the DET gazetted Professional Year Program.

The program begins after international students complete their degree under the Australian Computer Society (ACS) auspice. It provides an additional amount of time that the student can work in Australia once they complete this year.

If your organisation is a private educational provider that wants to deliver the ACS Professional Year Program, Asheley can provide guidance to ensure guidelines and curriculum standards are met.

Specifically, Asheley has:

  • Hired and trained tutors and mentors for the program
  • Re-written the online materials of the program to provide a dynamic work readiness program for Australian trained graduates from overseas
  • Initiated moderation and benchmarking processes to ensure the academic integrity of the program
  • Liaised and coordinated relationships with academic and industry stakeholders involved in the Professional Year Program
  • Initiated an academic research program to develop ACS Education’s profile within the adult education environment.

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